Community Gardens

Data-driven generative art

Community Gardens

Community Gardens is a data-driven generative art installation that uses gardens as a metaphor to discuss food and housing insecurity within the NC State student body.

Data reveals that 9.6% of students at NC State experienced homelessness in the past year. Community Gardens is part of the solution. By using art to challenge the biases around homelessness and create empathy, we can have more meaningful conversations about solutions.

In summer, plants have all the resources they need to thrive. In winter, less so. Using data collected by Dr Haskett, each student becomes a plant in the garden. Depending on the data, plants are created with different attributes. The sizes, shapes, colors and species change according to the data. Read more about how data affects the plants.


Each garden represents a grouping of students around common datapoints. Each garden is created to be unique and is also interactive. Click and drag to look around.

Summer Garden

Students with a high health score are drawn with warm colors and grouped in the Summer Garden.


Winter Garden

Students with a lower health score drawn with cooler colors and grouped in the Winter Garden.


Mixed Seeds

A random sampling of NC State students.


Community Gardens
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This project was funded by the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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